Thursday, 19 February 2009

What a website!

Whilst laying in bed with a cold feeling sorry for myself I have only gone and discovered an amazing website!

Polyvore - It is a website that lets you design your own mood boards, a modern day fashion wheel!

You can style celebrities . . . .

Like Chloe Sevigny (not that she needs any advice. But you can always offer a helping hand to the likes of Katie Holmes or Britney Spears).

The Spirit Of Radio
The Spirit Of Radio - by BellaMarie on

You can copy designer/celeb outfits - as the site gives you links to where THE products or similar ones are available.

Untitled - by matea :) on

You can plan oufits . . . .

my new party outfit
my new party outfit - by Golestaneh CONTEST hats&heels on

Rocky Harem
Rocky Harem - by noepfeiffer on

For some this may not seem like fun but for me I feel like I am 10 again! Can't wait to share my first creations!

Check it out and you'll soon be hooked!

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