Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Doctors! Grrrrrr

Today I am going to write about something totally non-fashion related. I know, I know, you must be thinking but what else is there to write about! Well to be quite honest with you I am soooo disappointed with the turn out for the Oscars that this is my way of protesting. I think it is about time some of those celebs sacked their stylists and got looking on these blogs for inspiration.

Anyway, time for my next moan.

Does anyone else find that when you go to the doctors as soon as you sit at that strategically placed chair that you feel like a liar? I have a mini battle with myself as to whether to tell the whole truth and risk sounding like I am exagerating or playing it down so they they then feel I'm being honest. And before the doctor has even checked to see if your limb is holding on by a thread ( not that that's what I went for) but they are already looking at you like some paranoid hypochondriac.

I think it is time they realised that 99% of us are genuine. And that we have better things to do than sit for hours in a surgery waiting room flicking through out of date magazines after having woken up early on our day off to get an emergency appointment!

To clarify my point as I left the doctors today after my illness was dismissed I said "I just hope it gets better" to which the doctor responded "I'm SURE it will". How is she 'sure' it will? So now the really 'SICK' thing is is that I am almost willing it to get worst so I can prove her wrong.

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