Thursday, 5 May 2011

Osama Bin Laden

Right, before you start to panic and think that someone has hacked into my blog there has been something playing on my mind that I want to get people's opinion on.

I know the details are sketchy and probably always will be but is it really acceptable for Osama Bin Laden to have been killed in the way he appears to have been. I know (or so I've been told by the media) that he was the mastermind behind 9/11 but something still feels wrong about killing an unarmed man while he cowers behind his wife. If this is indeed what happened.

Does this not pave the way for vigilantes to take the law into their own hands and seek justice for crimes that have affected them?

Discuss . . .

On a lighter note - Suri Cruise number 21 in Glamour's best dressed list???? WTF!

Is it wrong to have a picture of Suri Cruise under the title Osama Bin Laden? Discuss . . . .



    ...until now I thought I was one of the few and only people disturbed by the whole fiasco. First of all I never realised that Obama's aim was to kill him and to say it openly, loudly and clearly. Now he has the war trophy Bush desperately needed to justify his invasion of Afghanistan. What is wrong with the world when we allow criminals to be murdered instead of held to justice in a court room. I am not disturbed by his death, more the world glorification of it and the media hysteria that has surrounded it. His search & that of his followers, is how they justified the continuous assassinations by the CIA in northern Pakistan & Afganistan of thousands of men, women & children) normally at weddings with the use of those all too handy Drone planes.
    Wasn't the main reason to attack Afganistan to find that bearded man they said was hiding in a cave, the so called 'mastermind' of the Twin Tower attacks! So ten years later after bombing Afghanistan further into the Dark Ages and placing a corrupt tribal government in control to brutalise the people a little more, while securing one of the biggest untapped gas reserves, they eventually found him at home with his wife near Islamabad in Pakistan!!! YAY!!!!!!! No doubt they will now pack their weapons and head home relieved... Mission Accomplished or am I just being naive Laura lololol

    They could have arrested him and thrown him in a cell next to Manning LOL. If you have an enemy forget the rule of law, JUST KILL HIM, ASSASSINATE HIM & then celebrate around the globe. How many more new recruits do you think Al-Qaeda will have now then? I heard people gathered around the White House to sing the national anthem and to cheer... I just feel there is something so wrong about all this and am so delighted that you spiced up your blog even more with some politics LOL.
    I don't feel the world is a safer place with him gone, it's clear Obama will stir up the region more with his continuation of Bush's wars and with the biggest Defence Budget in HISTORY!!!!! Hold on a second, didn't he win a Noble Peace Prize!!!!!

    Well, that's only my humble opinion though, you did ask :))) Just to let you know you're not the only one uncomfortable with the celebrations!

    As for Suri... One of Glamour's best dressed.....I assume alongside other women!!! Is that heels I see? She's going to have corns on her toes and pains in her back before she reaches 10 ;))

  2. Well I know what to post about in future to get your blood boiling Ange! I can sooo imagine you as an activist. Are you sure you're not French!

    One more thing is the timing of the whole thing. It looked like Obama wasn't going to get re-elected. Now he probably will. How long have they really known he lived there?