Wednesday, 4 May 2011

I'm back

I know I've been out of action for a while but I have decided to get back on the 'blogging horse'. This is for a couple of reasons :

1) I have a lot of crap in my head that I want to share and although he tries his best my husband just doesn't get it.

2) I am 5 months pregnant and want something to force me to keep in touch with reality so I don't go all 'goo goo ga ga' baby obsessed.

What better way to make a comeback than the ' what I would have worn to the Met Gala' game . . . .

I know it is quite an obvious choice but I loved the vintage McQueen dress worn by SJP. I love the detail and lets face it, we'd all love to know what vintage McQueen feels like!

I would then be torn between the Topshop Unique number worn by Ginnifer Goodwin as I love her complete look-shoes, jewellery and eye makeup . . . .

Or the vibrant pink Derek Lam number worn by Michelle Monoghan. Simply because it would be refreshing to be in a this season trend rather than a ball gown or something from next season!

Who's dress would you have worn? Any of the above or is there an amazing dress I've missed? If anyone says Beyonce's I suggest you read one of my previous posts and also youtube her to see how she waddled in it! Not so elegant . . .

1 comment:

  1. Yipeeeeee!!! The fashion Connoisseur is back on track!

    As for the dresses Laura, was horrified by Stella's and many others actually. If I had have been given an invite along with a few thousand dollars, I would have went for Diane Kruger's dress, of course if I had her legs & body too :))) Loved Colin Firth's wife dress albeit very reserved & thought Michelle Williams was glowing, oh and I loved Madonna's dress (is that wrong of me? :)