Friday, 6 May 2011

Dumdidumdidumdidumdidumdidumdiduuuuu . . .

What am I going on about? If you haven't already guessed it by my title (took me ages to work out how many 'di dums') then I will spill the beans. The Apprentice UK is back on our screens next week. It always amuses me how they manage to find so many . .urm . . .how to put it politely . . . 'nobheads' for one show! What doesn't amuse me is the sea of grey and black that covers my screen the whole time I am watching made slightly more interesting by the daring few sporting a pinstripe!

Is colour not allowed in the corporate world? Would it be too exciting in their dull monochrome existence?

If you have to wear a suit to work, please, if only for this season add some colourful accessories. Clash them if you are brave enough, match them if you want to play it safer or at least add a bright lipstick! You never know the shock you may give your boss may get you the promotion you have been longing for!

If I had the chance to go on the show I'd wear this (without the beanie). I'd have to wear it week in week out as Jil Sander doesn't come cheap but at least I would be remembered as the 'nobhead in the pink suit' and not just any old 'nobhead'!

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